Precision Crafted PRODUCTS

For over 40 years, MDI’s dedicated team of skilled technicians has delivered quality castings with precision dimensional tolerances. Every part we produce is engineered to meet the most exacting specifications of our customer’s products.


MDI’s die-castings help power the electronics that shape our world. Our expert engineers work closely with our clients to optimize part designs, producing high quality enclosures, housings, brackets and heatsinks needed for today’s sophisticated devices.

Our tooling undergoes rigorous validation testing to ensure specifications are met for factors critical to electronic performance like dimensional tolerances, surface finishes and material flow. This results in precise components that improve thermal and electromagnetic performance while enabling lighter, more compact designs. Our expertise has delivered reliable castings for everything from smartphones and network analyzers to medical imaging systems.

MDI’s Electrical and Electronic parts includes castings for network analyzers, instrumentation, CCTV systems, satellite TV and advanced manufacturing systems.