Engineering Excellence, Tailored Just for You

MDI’s elite engineering team brings unrivaled expertise in die-casting design and manufacturing. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and decades of hands-on experience, our engineers provide insights and innovations that exceed expectations. We collaborate closely to understand your product requirements and craft customized solutions that maximize quality, durability, precision and efficiency. Partner with MDI for extraordinary die-casting engineering excellence.


MDI skilled toolmakers engineer and build high-performance tooling for aluminium die-casting. With years of experience manufacturing tools for intricate automotive and industrial components, we understand the critical role tooling plays in determining the efficiency, quality and cost of the die-casting process.

We design dies and molds with the latest CAD software and flow simulation software in collaboration with casting engineers using the DFM process to ensure tight tolerances, long life cycles and easy part injection. Our team select the optimal materials and heat treatments for tool components based on the size, geometry and production volumes required. With our in-house tooling department, this gives us the added advantage of having all the equipment for each specific tool, allowing design changes and maintenance to be carried out seamlessly.

The result is precision tooling that maximizes uptime, repeatability and the dimensional accuracy of your casted parts.


Through the high pressure aluminium die-casting process where molten aluminium is injected into a steel mold under high pressure, MDI is able to produce complex aluminum components that are intricate, lightweight and durable.

MDI consistently produce high quality precise engineering parts from 0.1kg (22lbs) to 8kgs (17.6lbs) by utilizing our large range of die-casting machinery of 125 tons to 840 tons. Keeping up to date with international die-casting technologies, we utilize full shot-control, robotic cell, squeeze pin technology, Swiss vacuum equipment and principles.

With over four decades of experience, our team of experts have mastered the die-casting process to consistently deliver precision components with fine dimensional tolerances, smooth surfaces and complex internal passages. We work with a range of aluminium alloys including A380/ADC10, A383/ADC12, A413, AlSi12 and AlSi10Mg(Fe).


MDI’s internal machining department utilizes cutting-edge CNC technology, along with 3-axis CNC milling and turning, to machine intricate, tight-tolerance, and critical cast parts. A 4th axis is achieved
using indexing jigs.

Our advanced machines, operated by our highly skilled technicians, coupled with stringent quality control procedures ensures that we are able to produce machined parts of high precision and superior surface finish.


Utilizing our adaptable plating facilities, MDI have the capability to employ a wide array of plating options, including EN, Copper, and Silver plating, in almost any conceivable combination. This line finds its most frequent application in our industrial electronics sector, particularly for telecommunications infrastructure and RF-sensitive products.

MDI works with qualified partners to provide a range of services including chromating, wet painting, powder coating, anodizing, and e-coating (KTL).


MDI specialists utilize the latest techniques to produce precision assembled products for customers.

Our assembly line features tools and equipment that allow us to manufacture to the tightest tolerances using various joining methods like fastening, welding and adhesives.

All assembled products undergo thorough quality inspections and testing before shipping to ensure zero defects and reliable performance for the lifetime of our customers’ end products.

QA & Testing

MDI places a strong emphasis on quality, prioritizing consistency, reliability, and process capability throughout our part design and process design phases. Our team of skilled engineers collaborates closely with our customers and suppliers from an early stage and throughout the design and development process to achieve this.

To ensure that our products are of the highest quality, we utilize cutting-edge technologies such as X-ray, CMM machines, and an Optical Emission Spectrometer to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality. We are also capable of conducting leak test to comply with required specification.


MDI’s modern facilities house the latest equipment and technologies, enabling us to produce precision components and assemblies to the most demanding specifications.

Our facility features robotic die casting machines, multi-axis CNC milling and turning centers, EDM machines, and coordinate measuring machines.

Our commitment to continual investment in newequipment and technologies allows us to consistently meet the evolving needsof our customers for higher precision, quality, and efficiency.


Production Machinery
Die Casting Machine: 125T
1 Unit
Die Casting Machine: 200T
2 Units
Die Casting Machine: 250T
2 Units
Die Casting Machine: 350T
3 Units
Die Casting Machine: 500T
1 Unit
Die Casting Machine: 650T
1 Unit
Die Casting Machine: 800T
1 Unit
Die Casting Machine: 840T
1 Unit
Vacuum System
2 Units
Oil Temperature Controller
1 Unit
ABB Robot
2 Units
3 Axis CNC Machining Center : Brother
67 Units
3 Axis CNC Machining Center : Fanuc
8 Units
3 Axis CNC Machining Center : Hurco
1 Unit
2 Units
15 Units
QA Equipments
GE Real-Time X-Ray
1 Unit
Optical Emission Spectrometer
1 Unit
X-Ray: Plating Thickness Measurement Machine
1 Unit
3 Units
Universal Testing Machine
1 Unit
Pressure Decay Tester
1 Unit