Company Overview





Since 1980, MDI has been involved in supplying customers with finished metal products.  In that time we grown to offer quality precision-machined die-casting products to clients in a range of industries and geographies.  We're currently located on 2 factories over a 7 acre lot with a total factory space of approximately 200,000 sq ft (20,000sq mt) in Shah Alam, near Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, employing a workforce of 320 covering business development, & administration, engineering, research & development, quality assurance, manufacturing, and logistics.

Our team of senior engineers and management have a combined experience in the casting industry of over 100 years. We are constantly looking forward to improve ourselves through R&D and technology exchanges with US, Switzerland, Japan and Australia. Looking forward, we leverage our engineering experience with the latest technology to provide our customers with a complete die-casting solution from design reviews (considering customer requirements, cost implications, and manufacturability) to delivery of quality , cost-efficient products.



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