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MDI was incorporated in 1980. The company started business with a metal finishing plant offering chrome plating services for zinc die-castings and metal stampings.

In March 1983, the company commenced production of zinc die-castings for Japanese, British, and American electric appliance manufacturers like National, GEC, and Kelvinator.

From mid 1986, MDI started aluminium die-casting of motor-cycle components using cold chamber die-casting machines, e.g. crank-cases, crankcase covers, head cylinders, body cylinders, clutch hubs, wheel hubs, foot-rests, etc.

In early1987, MDI received orders for hard disk drive bases and covers from disk drive manufacturers like Seagate, Quantum, Toshiba, and Conner. Since then, production had more than doubled.

In 1991, the company commenced high precision machining services for its OEM customers using CNC lathes and CNC machine. This was when MDI started to invest in high precision measuring equipment like CNC coordinate measuring machine for inspecting all its machine parts.

In 1995, the company decided to put more emphasis on the export markets, competing globally for automotive and industrial electronics projects.

MDI also started production of aluminium components for the automotive industry in Germany.

In 1996, MDI invested RM1 million for the purchase of the latest state-of-the-art metallurgical and measuring equipment like real-time X-ray equipment and Spectrometers.

MDI can now offer its customers full analytical reports of the alloy used and x-ray video recordings or photo printouts of the casted components.

In 2000, MDI expanded by taking over a 6 acre lot next to our original facility. Since then, we have increased our capacity in CNC Machining (increasing production capacity as well as providing prototype or small-volume hogouts) and tool-making (we make 80% of our tools suitable for 125ton to 840ton die-casting machines).

In 2004, MDI started supply of filters and TMAs for the telecommunication network industry. This required the development and production of castings for silver & copper plating process, including setting up a plating laboratory and purchase of an X-ray machine to measure plating thicknesses.

In 2005, MDI established our own plating facility (Copper and Silver) in further pursuing and deepening our participation in the telecommunication networks market.


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